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  • Naturally non-microbial – does not support the growth of microbes
  • They give a snuggly feel to feet, which makes you feel more relaxed
  • Highly durable and suitable for all seasons
  • Wool processed using the most reliable techniques, to ensure quality
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Does not get wet easily

Women's Wool Slippers-Reindeer

  • It does not matter what season it is; these flattering slippers are sure to give your the most soothing comfort at all times. The pair of slippers will keep your feet cool during hot weather, and warm during cold weather. This is achievable due to the breathability that the boots offer through the intricacy of their design. 

    The boots are handmade in Mongolia and finished in the USA, using traditional methods that boost their uniqueness, durability. Every step, every stitch, every effort made into the production of the boots are made with love and professionalism. Each boot features a suede outsole and a knitted upper made from 100% premium grade wool.

  • Your happiness is our biggest priority. 

    Hassle free return policy!

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